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My Story

                From the time when I was in grade school, I was always drawing or painting something.  I really began to take interest in art in high school which became my main focus.  While in high school I received numerous awards for art and received the Maplewood high school senior key.  Many people saw that art was my passion and as a result I was commissioned to do several pastel portraits while in high school.  My instructor at that time was Dr. Newton S Holiday PhD.  He was a big influence and also an outstanding art teacher and mentor.  I graduated from high school and started my freshman year of college at Tennessee State University where I studied art history under a great artist and instructor, Dr. Ted Jones PhD.  I attended TSU for one year and decided to join the military.  I was in the United States Army for Twenty one years and retired with honors. 

                While serving in the U S Army I always wanted to take up photography.  So, while stationed in Bamberg, Germany I purchased my first 35mm camera.  Throughout my career I was always out when I wasn’t on duty, taking photographs, painting or drawing different subjects.  I would also in my spare time sign up for art classes as well as other courses to further my education and received an associate degree from Pikes Peak Community College while stationed at Fort Carson Colorado.  Upon retirement from the U S Army I continued my education and graduated with a bachelor degree in business administration and management from Columbia College.

                Today I continue to study art and photography.  I have been commissioned to take photos at numerous events.  Over the years since having the camera in my hands, I think of it as an artist tool.  Just as with the paint brush, oils, acrylics, pastels and canvas, with the camera I am painting a master piece using light, shadows, composition and style. 

                The art of photography to me, is to capture the essence, the beauty and emotions of a scene or subject  weather it’s a landscape, still-life, model head shot or family portrait with my skill and creativity to manipulate the light, have good composition and capture the innermost feelings of my subjects.  My goal is to present to my clients a body of work that will evoke a feeling of happiness, love and satisfaction that they will embrace and enjoy for all time.

                As a professional I am commissioned to creatively capture in photographs the beauty and emotions of the experience.  I will always strive to be professional in both word and deed.  This includes the manner in which I carry out my responsibilities and the way I treat my client, family and friends.     

2020 Cardell J